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Our Governance

The Stensholm Foundation is a not-for-profit community organisation limited by guarantee. We are steered by a dedicated and skills-based Board of Directors, ensuring sound decision-making informed by key stakeholders in our community. We collaborate with advisory groups and have our own Youth Reference Group (aka the Lookout Squad) enhancing our ability to address the pressing issues faced by young people today.

Our Mission

To create a safe and welcoming space for young people where meaningful connections support their path to physical, mental and social well-being.

Our Vision

To build a vibrant and inclusive community that empowers and nurtures young people.

Our Values

Genuine; Empathetic; Non-judgemental; Understanding; Inclusive; Nurturing; Empowering

Our Name

Our name carries a deep significance that embodies our core principles and origins. ‘Lookout’ signifies our unwavering commitment to young people; we are here to watch over, protect and provide a safe haven much like the vigilant lifeguards at a beach. We emphasise the importance of looking out for one another, fostering a sense of community and support within our organisation. Just as the view from a lookout offers a panoramic perspective, we encourage our team to keep things in perspective and approach our work holistically.

The ’07’ in our name is a nod to our humble beginnings in Queensland, with ’07’ the area code for our state and our first centre located at 7 Premier Circuit. Seven is not just a number for us; as it represents the seven values that underpin our work, guiding us in every endeavour. Lastly, “07” holds a deeply personal connection as it was the player number of Leon’s beloved brother, Dean, who tragically lost his life to suicide. In his memory, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young people, ensuring they never feel alone in their struggles and always have a supportive “Lookout” to turn to.

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